The Port of Little Rock is in the center of the state in a state that’s in the center of the U.S. If you need to access five interstates, look no further than our front door. A multimodal transportation, the Port of Little Rock is all about creating connections… globally.


  • Little Rock is served by five interstates
    • Interstates: 30, 40, 430, 440, 630
  • Two interstate access points at the port
  • Six U.S. Highways and 20 Arkansas State Highways connect Little Rock to the nation
  • Arkansas is within one tank of gas from two-thirds of the nation’s population
  • The Port of Little Rock is within a day’s drive to major population centers, including Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Nashville, Chicago, Kansas City, New Orleans, St. Louis and Atlanta


More than 16,000 miles of highway connect Arkansas to the nation
Arkansas features the nation’s 12th largest network of highways, connecting companies to 100M people within a 550-mile radius

Mileage to Major Cities within A day's drive of the Port of Little Rock

Memphis, TN
133 miles

Tulsa, OK
275 miles

Dallas, TX
319 miles

Nashville, TN
349 miles

St. Louis, MO
351 miles

Birmingham, AL
384 miles

Kansas City, MO
423 miles

New Orleans, LA
441 miles

Mobile, AL
451 miles

Atlanta, GA
518 miles