Chemical Manufacturing

Limitless Possibilities

Because agriculture is so important to Arkansas’s economy, we’ve become a heavy producer and distributor of agricultural chemicals, including fertilizers and pesticides. We’re also well-practiced at producing and handling basic chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients, making Arkansas essential to the nation’s $820B chemical manufacturing industry.

Why the Port of Little Rock Works for Chemicals

The Port of Little Rock’s close proximity to the Gulf Coast, immediate rail access, available industrial-grade properties, and abundance of water and wastewater resources give chemical manufacturers a logistical edge. In addition, the McClellan-Kerr Navigation System’s easy access to the Mississippi River provides an extremely cost-effective means to import raw materials and export products.

Four Key Advantages

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The labor market area for the Port of Little Rock has a population of more than 785,000

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Dual Class I railroads, switching services courtesy of the Port of Little Rock

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Strategic proximity to marketplaces and resources

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A workforce in which 35 percent have earned an associate’s degree or higher


The National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR), located in Jefferson County, Arkansas, is the only FDA Center located outside the Washington D.C. metropolitan area

Chemical Manufacturers Located at Little Rock Port Authority

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income tax credit


property tax abatement for real and personal property

up to 3.9%

payroll rebate for up to 10 years

Want to Learn More?

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