Advanced Food Products

Defining HomeGrown

Food is big in Arkansas, accounting for $16B of the state’s economy. We’re led by Walmart, the world’s largest food retailer, and by Tyson Foods, the nation’s largest meat and poultry processor. Furthermore, Arkansas is the nation’s #1 producer of rice, #3 producer of poultry and #10 producer of soybeans. Home to companies like Frito Lay, General Mills and ConAgra foods, Arkansas plays a vital role in the nation’s $769B advanced food products industry.

Why the Port of Little Rock Works for Advanced Food Products

Strategically located near grain supplies and milling facilities, the Port of Little Rock’s Dual Class I railroads and access to the McClellan-Kerr Navigation System enables advanced food producers to cost-effectively transport huge amounts of raw materials such as seeds, corn, grain, nuts, soybeans and spices.

Four Key Advantages

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The labor market area for the Port of Little Rock has a population of more than 785,000

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Dual Class I railroads, switching services provided by the Port of Little Rock

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Within a day’s drive of major population centers such as Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta and Oklahoma City

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Positioned on I-440 with easy access to Interstates 30 and 40


The Metro Little Rock Region is projected to experience more than 4 percent growth in advanced food products over the next 10 years (2015 – 2025)

Advanced Food Manufacturers Located at Little Rock Port Authority

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income tax credit


property tax abatement for real and personal property

up to 3.9%

payroll rebate for up to 10 years

Want to Learn More?

Let’s have a talk. Call Bryan Day, Executive Director of Little Rock Port Authority, at (501) 490-1468.