Logistics Services, Inc.: The Port of Little Rock’s Stevedoring Partner

Unloading cargo at the dock

Logistics Services, Inc. (LSI) has provided a wide variety of services for the Port of Little Rock since 1982. Read on to learn more about the Port’s long-term stevedoring partner.   

About Logistics Services, Inc.


Carrix, LSI’s parent company, is the world’s largest privately-held marine and rail terminal operator. It manages over 250 locations on five continents.

LSI has been a tenant at the Port of Little Rock since 1982, when it decided to expand inland. LSI was already an experienced and highly-regarded operator of bluewater (ocean-based) ports, and it used its expertise to serve our brownwater (river-based) port with promising growth potential.

LSI achieved the growth it wanted by partnering with the Little Rock Port Authority and taking advantage of the Port’s prime location, transportation options, and favorable business climate.

What Does LSI Do for the Port?

LSI provides reliable and expert logistics for any of all commodities. Its experienced, tenured employees ensure the highest quality handling. Thanks to LSI, the Port of Little Rock can move an impressive 200 inbound and 350 outbound tons of cargo an hour.

LSI manages logistic operations for the Port of Little Rock and its customers. On the Port’s campus, it manages over 200,000 square feet of warehouse space and over 10 acres of outside storage. LSI operates the docks, terminals, and the Foreign Trade Zone warehouse to create a business-friendly environment for barge and rail users.

The services LSI performs for the Port include:

  • Barge loading and unloading services for bulk and breakbulk
  • Custom toll packaging
  • Terminal handling services
  • Trucking
  • Warehousing
  • Bulk cargo transfer

The Results of an Effective Partnership

The blend of a central location, easy access to an intermodal transportation system, and a seamless work relationship between the Port of Little Rock and government agencies has resulted in extraordinary growth for LSI. Today, LSI loads and unloads 500 barges each year, providing unmatched transport, packaging, and warehousing to over 50 clients.

“The central location and easy access to water, highway, air and the two Class I railroads (Union Pacific and Burlington Northern) saves companies a lot of money,” says Jack Long, Vice President of LSI.

Together, the Port of Little Rock and Logistics Services, Inc. look ahead to a future filled with opportunity.