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A centralized location with seamless connections, the Port of Little Rock can connect your business with limitless possibilities.

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Centered on global trade, the unique advantage of the Port of Little Rock is our central location and intermodal transportation facilities. In addition to having access on the Arkansas River year-round, we provide immediate access to major U.S. interstates, Class I railways and national runways. We’re within a day’s drive of many of the nation’s largest population centers, and are surrounded by a population of more than one million people. The Port of Little Rock provides multifaceted companies with seamless, nimble and undisrupted logistic channels from the heart of the United States.

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At 1,460 miles long, the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System is the third longest tributary in the Mississippi River System
Today the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System system is 443 miles long, with 18 locks and dams, that allows cargo to overcome an elevation difference of 420 feet
In 2018, the Port of Little Rock unloaded cargo from Brazil, Jamaica, Australia, Canada, Africa, China, Russia, Israel, Morocco, India, Korea, Japan, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela
The volume of cargo handled on the McKellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation system annually would require an additional 400,000 semi-tractor trucks forming a line over 4,500 miles long - twice the distance from New York City to Los Angeles